Hello this is a story about my OC in the rogue pack called the pack of eternal shadows

The cat of Rain and Darkness/ chapter 1 Edit

A cat ran through the ally, fast as lightning jumping over crates and swerving around unknown objects. She was a black cat with ice blue eyes that could pierce ones soul. The cat was chasing another cat, a hazel colored tabby. It's my mission to get revenge on you said the Shecat calmly with a hint of coldness in her voice. Then the Shecat jumped onto some tall boxes and jumped onto a roof of a house now hidden but still chasing her target. Then she jumped off and gracefully landed on top of her target and raked her claws down his spine and she kicked him and he flew against a wooden crate.

W-who are you... The tabby asked fearfully, your worst nightmare. The shecat replied and she stared at the tabby with her ice cold eyes like she was looking into his soul. M-monster! The tabby stampered with fear and he ran off with his tail between his legs. The shecat lashed her tail and jumped back onto the boxes and back onto a building roof.

She walked for a few hours and then she saw a store selling fish and she jumped onto the store roof and swiftly jumped off onto a counter with a salmon, she grabbed it and raced off and jumped on more boxes and got onto another roof. She bit into the salmon savoring its fishy taste. Suddenly the air filled with the nasty scent of dog and she heard barking. H-help!! She heard a voice.

Then she spotted the dogs who had corned a small shecat who was trembling with fear. Help me someone!! Said the shecat. Then the black cat jumped onto the dogs and raked her claws down their backs and she clawed their muzzles and they whimpered and ran off. Then the black shecat tossed her fish to the shecat who was still trembling with fear. Your welcome the shecat said and she padded off. Wait! The shecat said and she chased after the black cat. Thank you for saving me said the cat, whats your name? Amaya. Said the black cat. Cool im honey! Said the other shecat who had golden colored fur with white paws. Cool now go away I got places I need to be. Oh okay then bye!! Said Honey and she padded off. Amaya padded across a road and then a truck drove by and she was gone. She had jumped onto another roof top and was padding towards a forest only she and some other cats knew about.

Welcome to your nightmare house Edit

After a while Amaya got to the base and she lashed her tail and entered. She walked through the large leaves and went into the base. She flicked her tail as she heard other cats whispering about her.

Wow its Amaya! Said one cat

Woah thats Amaya! Shes crazy powerful and so cool! Said one.

Amazing... Said another.

(to be continued)