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Loners Edit

Oak- Dark brown tabby she-cat with bright amber eyes. She has a long, sleek pelt with a long furry tail. She is mother to three litters, all of which are Pebble's: Willow and Aspen in the first litter, Dusk, Silver and Smog in the second litter, and Maple, Zillow and Talon in the third litter.

Pebble- Gray and brown dappled tom with sky blue eyes. He is very muscular and tall, giving him an intimidating appearance. He is a father to three litters of kits, all of which are Oak's: Willow and Aspen in the first litter, Dusk, Silver and Smog in the second litter, and Maple, Zillow and Talon in the third litter.

Maple- Light brown tabby she-cat with a thick pelt, darker brown tabby stripes, an even darker brown underbelly and sky blue eyes. Daughter of Oak and Pebble, sister to Zillow and Talon.

Talon- Dark furred she-cat with minty green eyes. Daughter of Oak and Pebble, sister to Zillow, and Maple.

Zillow- Dark brown she-cat with gray splotches. Daughter of Oak and Pebble, sister to Talon and Maple.

Fern- Silver she-cat with a thick pelt, long tail and bright emerald eyes.

Sparrow- Jet black tom with dusty amber eyes. A long jagged scar divides his face in half.

Tribe of Rising Lava Edit


Venom That Snake Injects (Venom)- Massive jet black and dark brown tom with dark amber eyes.

Apprentice: Hail That Falls From Sky (Hail).

Elite warriors:

Mint That Grows By Stream (Mint)- Silvery gray tabby she cat with darker gray stripes and a black underbelly as well as a black muzzle.

Unknown- Tall, lean and muscular tom with a brown dappled pelt and leaf green eyes.

Wolf That Howls At Dusk (Wolf)- Silver tom with black stripes.

Dark Shadow That Shelters Moss (Dark)- Jet black she-cat with amber eyes.

Smoke That Rises From Flames (Smoke)- Dusty brown tom with gray flecks.

Cave Guards:

Rock Where Snow Gathers (Rock)- Dark brown tom with white patches.

Frog That Croaks At Dusk (Frog)- Dark brown tom with golden eyes.

Eagle That Soars Through Sky (Eagle)- Black she-cat with white paws, muzzle, underbelly and tail-tip.

Prey Hunters:

Feather That Flutters To Ground (Feather)- Lithe silver she-cat.

Wind That Rustles Leaves (Wind)- Pale gray she-cat.


Cottonpaw- White she-cat with light gray paws.

ThunderClan Edit


Pinestar- Brown tomcat with lighter brown splotches dappling his pelt as well as a white underbelly. He has light blue eyes, similar to the shade of blue you see in the afternoon sky.


Darkstripe- Muscular dark tabby tom with lighter tabby stripes and golden eyes.

Medicine Cat:

Cinderberry- Young dark grey she-cat with tan splotches, a white underbelly and golden eyes.

Apprentice: Snowpaw


Wolfheart- Jet black she-cat with light gray stripes and a dark gray underbelly.

Apprentice: Nightpaw

Russetfeather- White American Curl with a long pelt, pale gray stripes and a light gray underbelly.

Apprentice: Rockypaw

Stormstrike- Pale white she-cat with gray streaks and blue eyes.

Apprentice: Bella

Quailstep- Brown tom with a light brown underbelly, pale gray splotches and minty green eyes.

Fireheart- Ginger tom with green eyes.

Apprentice: Stonepaw

Finchtail- Gray she-cat with cream colored moon-like patterns.

Apprentice: Firepaw

Nightpelt- Dark gray she-cat with light gray patches.

Falcon- Dark red furred tom with black stripes and icy blue eyes.

Willowrunner- Young light brown she-cat with hazel patches and a dark brown underbelly.

Aspenfeather- Young, white she-cat with a dark gray underbelly, dark brown tabby stripes and minty green eyes.

Apprentice: Lionpaw

Sagebreeze- Dark gray she-cat with a white underbelly.

Apprentice: Swiftpaw

Wolfclaw- Brown and gray dappled tom with icy blue eyes.

Ashfrost- Gray she-cat with black stripes.

Apprentice: Willowpaw

Frostclaw- Snowy white she-cat with blue eyes.

Apprentice: Lunarpaw

Lionfur- Black tom with tan colored splotches and a light brown underbelly.


Snowpaw- White she-cat with a black underbelly and blue eyes.

Lionpaw- Ginger she-cat with amber eyes.

Bella- Bright cream furred she-cat with a dark gray underbelly and dark gray patches.

Willowpaw- Light gray she-cat with a white underbelly.

Stonepaw- Tall stone gray furred tom with a brown underbelly, and lower jaw. His pelt is dappled with splashes of tinted white, and his eyes are a dusty amber color.

Lunarpaw- Brown she-cat with black tabby stripes as well as a tan colored underbelly and muzzle.

Nightpaw- Black tom with white patches and green eyes.

Swiftpaw- Young tom with a black pelt, white patches and icy blue eyes.

Firepaw- Dark red tom-cat with white patches and green eyes.

Rockypaw- White tom with light gray patches and green eyes.


Rockcloud- Dark gray she-cat with cream splotches and mossy green eyes. Mother to Pinestar's kits (Dawnkit and Sandkit).

Creamfeather- Cream furred she-cat. Mother to Wolfclaw's kit (Grim)


Sandkit- Pale cream furred she-kit with dark gray patches, a white underbelly and green eyes. Daughter of Rockcloud and Pinestar, sister to Dawnkit.

Dawnkit- Brown she-kit with golden eyes. Daughter of Rockcloud and Pinestar, sister to Sandkit.

Nightkit- Gray she-kit with dark gray stripes. She is blind. Her family is unknown.

Whitekit- White tom-kit with black patches. His family is unknown.

Grim- Dark furred tom-kit with green eyes. Son of Creamfeather and Wolfclaw.

Petalkit- Dark gray furred she-kit with tan colored splotches and a light brown underbelly.

Smog- Dark brown tabby tom with a black underbelly and gray tabby stripes. Son of Oak and Pebble, brother to Dusk and Silver.


Sunfur- Black tom with tan splotches and a light brown underbelly.

Dusksky- Dark gray tom with brown patches and a brown underbelly.

Amberstone- Brown she-cat with darker brown leaf-like patterns and a black underbelly.

RiverClan Edit


Duskstar- Dark brown tom with gray patches and blue eyes. Son of Oak and Pebble, brother to Smog and Silver.


Minnowheart- Silver she-cat with golden eyes

Apprentice: Shellpaw

Medicine Cat:

Twigwhisker- Old brown tom with long, crooked whiskers.


Silver- Silver furred tom.

Lilyheart- Light brown she cat with a tan dappled pelt.


Shellpaw- Tan furred tom


It was a dark, stormy night. Wind rustled the leaves fiercely and the rain pelted down to the ground. There was no escaping the dreadful sound of thunder as it rumbled in the distance. An earsplitting screech sounded above the loud pitter patter and boom as the storm raged on. It came from a small den wedged between three tall pine trees. The den was sheltered from the majority of the rain, due to the blanket of pine needles above it.

Outside this den, a muscular brown and gray tom paced outside with his drenched fur plastered against his side. Every so often he would poke his large head into the den, only to be sent away heartbeats later. A look of concern crept across his face as yet again, another shriek sounded from the den. He shut his sky blue eyes as the cries of pain continued. How long would this last before he couldn't take it?

Thunder growled in the distance, and then it all stopped. A silvery gray head popped out of the nursery. The she-cat's emerald eyes gleamed in the darkness. "Come inside, Pebble."

The tom didn't need to be told twice. He sprang to his paws and squeezed past the she-cat. He paused beside the nest and his jaws gaped in awe. Three tiny she-kits were nestled into their mother's belly. Their tiny bodies squirmed as they fed and snuggled closer to their mother. It was truly a magical sight. One of the kits, a tiny brown she-kit, began to stray from the nest. Pebble reached out to nudge her back, but her mother was faster. Pebble's mate reached out and plucked her daughter off the ground by the scruff and placed her back into the nest.

The silver gray she-cat padded closer, her thick tail curled. "You two aren't very talkative," she teased. "Aren't you going to do name them, or at least brag a bit about how cute they are, and what strong cats they will make?"

The mother of the three kits rolled her eyes. "Yeah, whatever Fern. You won't see me bragging about them, but they are cute."

Pebble purred in response. "They all will make strong cats, just like their mother."

The she-cat laughed. "Me? Strong? No, I think you got the wrong cat. If I ran into a fox, or even another cat I would be running the other direction before you could say mouse."

Pebble chuckled. "Oak, I'm serious. You are strong. Now, what shall we name them?"

Oak paused and looked down at her kits thoughtfully. She swept her tail lightly across the largest kit, a dark she-kit. "This one should be Talon, she looks like a real fighter."

Pebble looked down at the tiny brown tabby she-kit, the one who had previously strayed from the nest. "This one should be named Maple. No particular reason, she just reminds me of the maples that grow by the river."

Oak purred. "I like that name." She then swept her tail over the remaining kit, also a brown she-cat, except her pelt was dappled rather than striped. "This one will be named Zillow. She looks just like her grandmother."

Fern lifted her tail. "Those are beautiful names you two. They will both grow to be very strong cats. Pebble, I suggest you leave them to rest. Oak is tired and the kits won't be able to rest with so many cats around. Just for tonight."

Pebble nodded. "Anything for my little angels." He looked down at his mate and kits. He purred softly and nuzzled them each in turn. "Good night."

He then padded out of the den. First his head, then body and lastly, his tail was engulfed in shadows as he padded into the night. The dark storm clouds began to clear and the first stars began to appear in the sky, shining their light down onto the forest. The full moon rose high into the sky, casting a silvery glow onto the leaves. Tonight was a night to remember.

Chapter 1Edit

The storm was enough to scare any cat out of their skin. Maple and Talon lay awake, shaking with fright. Their mother, father and littermates slept on. The rain had come to a pause, but the wind continued to batter the den with flying branches and stones. Talon laid her head on her paws. She watched the lightning strike a tree far away, and a fire lit.

"Do you think we will get struck, Maple?" Talon whispered.

"Of course not, I think... I don't know.." Maple mumbled. "And if we did, we could always fight the fire!"

"You cant fight fire, Maple," Talon pointed out. Her tail waved back and forth.

"I always thought you could," Maple mewed with a teasing gleam in the depths of her sky-blue eyes.

They both laughed, lifting the fog of terror in the den. "I'm hungry. Want to go out and find some food?" Maple nodded, and they crept out of the den. Their fur blew in the wind as they walked through to the small stream near the den. The trees blew leaves around them. Thunder rumbled on. I'm scared.. What if we get hurt?​ Thought Talon as she splashed a paw into the water. Suddenly, smoke flew into the air. Talon whipped her head around, to her horror, a tree was on fire!

"Maple, watch out!" Talon shouted and dived to push Maple away. The tree behind her crashed down with a "thud " and lit on fire. Sparks danced into the air upon contact with the ground. The sisters watched as the tree crashed into their den. Their den was engulfed in flames within heartbeats.

"We have to get them!" Maple dashed off into the den. Her tiny body was swallowed by a thick cloud of smoke, making it impossible to see her.

"No!" Talon yowled. The fire was quickly spreading as it lapped hungrily at Talon's paws. Blinded by fear, Talon ran in the opposite direction of the den. She wheezed as smoke filled her lungs. Talon dashed into the forest before she opened her eyes. She gasped for breath.

"I'm lost! My family!" Talon's legs gave up on her and she collapsed. She began to sob. "They're all dead!" Sadness washed over her like a tidal wave. Her mind raced with horrid thoughts of her family burning to death. "It's all my fault!" She shouted into the forest. Her voice echoed back.

Chapter 2 Edit

Maple dived into a thick cloud of smoke, her surroundings may have seen clouded and hopeless, but her thoughts were clear and filled with determination. Her family would survive and they could play together like they always had! With this thought in mind, Maple bounded through the flames and burst into the burning den.

Huddled in the corner sat the terrified Zillow, with her sky blue eyes wide with terror. Maple approached her sister and nudged her to her paws. "Zillow! Where is mum and dad?"

Zillow stood up slowly, her tiny legs quivering with fear. Her voice shook as she spoke. "They went looking f-for you. They told me to get out, but I can't find a way out!" Zillow's squeak rose into a wail and she cried loudly.

"Why does this have to happen? Mum and dad are somewhere out there, I don't think they're safe! I just want things to be normal again!" She wailed.

Maple swept her tail across her sister's muzzle gently. She lowered her voice into a soothing whisper. "Zillow, I want things to return too. We must find mum and dad. Okay? I need you to be brave, okay?"

Zillow nodded and her legs stopped shaking. She padded up to stand beside her sister. Zillow looked around the den quickly as the den filled with smoke and flames. Her eyes suddenly became fixed on a tiny hole in the wall of flames. She squealed. "Maple, there! We might be able to fit!"

Maple followed her gaze and gasped. "You're right! Lets go! Now!"

Maple dived down and slipped through the wall of flames. She looked back, relieved to see Zillow had made it. Maple lifted her head and tail. "Lets find mum, dad, and Talon!"

Zillow nodded and the two sisters bounded off into the woods swiftly, determined on finding their parents in the burning forest. Maple parted her jaws in an attempt to catch their scent, but there was too much smoke in the air. She focused on sight instead and looked around.

Maple caught the sound of yowling in the distance and in an instant, she was on her paws. Zillow scurried after Maple, her paws kicking up charred leaves as she went. Maple swerved around a burning tree trunk, her mind focused on the yowls that were slowly growing louder and louder as she came closer to the source.

That was when she saw them. Oak and Pebble were surrounded by a large ring of flames, too high to leap over and no way if escaping. Maple and Zillow yowled over the flames. "Mum, dad!"

Oak screeched in response. "Run! Get out! The flames will spread! Quickly, get out now!"

"We can't leave you!" Maple matched her mother's screech with a shriek of her own. "We can find a way out!"

Pebble growled loudly. "Listen to me now. You will not survive if you stay. Go find Talon and go to the pine forest! Fern and Sparrow will be there! Go!"

Bewildered and terrified, Maple and Zillow turned tail and ran towards where they thought the pine forest stood. Pebble and Oak shrieked loudly and then it all stopped. Just the sound of paws thudding against the ground and twigs snapping remained. Exhausted, burnt and horrified, Zillow and Maple searched for Fern and Sparrow, as well as their sister, Talon.

Chapter 3Edit

Talon tiptoed through the forest, sick with worry. Her heart was still. Suddenly, she paused.

I smell other cats! Talon raced twords the scent.She smiled, thinking of her sisters running alongside her, laughing. She pictured their bravery, their hope. An army of shadows cast from the trees. The forest got more lush, and there was barley any sun now. She raced until she felt her heart would go, pop! ​She was moving slower now, examining the forest.

"Its so beautiful." She whispered.

She finally stopped when she heard the voices of strange cats. They were deep and rough, Very unusual. She peered behind the rock that was blocking her view, seeing two cats. One was tall and skinny, black with white splotches. He was very furry. He was not big enough to be a full grown cat, or small enough to be a kit. The other was the same as the black cat, but had grey fur with a brown underbelly, splattered with white. He was shorter that the black tom. They were talking about a territory battle.

"Wha-" Talon started out loud. She covered her mouth, hoping they did not notice. She snatched a glance at them. They had their ears perked.

"Did you hear that, Nightpaw?"

"It sounded like a squeak. Maybe theres mice around. Lets hunt."

They nodded and walked silently around, their pawsteps silent. But the pawsteps got closer to talon by the second, until their shadows loomed over her.

"Um, hello.." Talon said to the strange cats.

"Are you a spy from RiverClan?" Hissed the grey tom.

"Riverclan? Whats a clan?"

They both swapped glances, and Nightpaw motioned for Talon to follow him. Panic spilled over her."Dont kill me! Please! I dont mean to be here, I just want my mom and dad and my sisters!" Tears streamed down her face.

They dropped Talon onto the ground lightly. "Just follow us. Explain what happened when you get to camp."

Camp? Talon​ frowned and followed the toms.

By now the scent of prey flooded Talon's nose. She could see a clearing ahead, and make out the dots of fur nearby. Cats old and young laughing, fighting, and just plain chatting. She was still sniffling when she got inside the camp. All eyes darted to her.

The cats whispered quietly, until one cat broke the silence.

"Stonepaw, Nightpaw, who is this?" spoke the cat standing on a boulder.

"A rouge kit," Stonepaw responded.

The cat stared her down until she felt like she would melt into a puddle of water.

"Bring her here. Get the kit something to eat while I have a chat with it." The tall cat motioned for her to go into his den, a wide hollowed boulder sheltered by lichen and moss. Talon ran to the den, stepping inside quietly.

Chapter 4 Edit

Maple's chest fought for air as she sprinted through the smoke-filled forest. Her paws were stained with the color of soot. Maple gritted her teeth and pushed onward, willing for the piercing pain in her lungs to cease. The tiny brown she-kit glanced at her sister, Zillow.

Zillow's eyes were wide with terror. Her thin pelt was covered in layers of ash, making it difficult to distinguish the dark brown pelt underneath. Zillow swapped a petrified glance with Maple, uncertainty pooling in her emerald green eyes. The kit took in a shaky breath and began to speak in a hoarse whisper.

"Will we ever get out of here alive?" Zillow's mew sounded worn out, as if it hadn't been used in moons.

Maple forced a reassuring purr, but paused when she discovered how much it hurt to make a sound. She cleared her throat and responded with as much volume as she could muster.

"We have to. If we don't, then we will be letting Talon, mum, and dad down. We can't do that to them. We must keep going forward," Maple insisted.

Zillow purred with amusement, her motivation refreshed. "You sound like those warrior cats from dad's stories. So heroic and wise.."

Maple thought about this for a moment, then blinked. "I wonder if we will ever meet them. In dad's stories they sounded so brave and friendly."

Zillow shrugged. "Who knows? Maybe we will join them some day."

Maple burst into a weak laugh. Claws of pain struck her chest and Maple slowed her pace, wincing and grimacing. "You heard what clan cats think of us... Loners, right?" Maple meowed, spitting out the word "loners".

Zillow fell back to match Maple's pace. "At least we aren't like those house cats. Think about it, if we come across those clan cats, we can always just say we got lost. If they're as noble as dad said they were, then they shouldn't attack us."

Maple twitched her whiskers. "I guess you're right," she murmured.

The two sisters continued their way through the searing hot forest, scrambling over charred boulders and picking their way around fallen, burning branches. Maple narrowed her eyes, squinting. She gasped and burst into a sprint with determination fueling her sore limbs.

"I think I see the pine forest!" Maple squealed.

Zillow bounded forward, running alongside Maple. Together, the two sisters reached the pine forest and began their search for Fern and Sparrow.