This is a story about two cats, Oreo and Reesey, and their journey to find their old house-mate, Henry.

The Tale of Two is based off of my two in-real-life cats. Henry was my little beagle, but we had to put him down in the beginning of 2015's summer. He had some type of disease which makes him ravenous. A little before we put him down, he fell down the stairs on my back deck, injuring his hind leg. Henry began to limp, and eventually just stayed in his little doggy-bed all day. He was suffering, and we knew that. So we took him to the vet and decided to put him down, he was about 18 years old. We knew this would end his pain. I miss you dearly <3

In this story Henry is a cat. I also have my two other dogs, DJ and Nucky, taking part in the Tale of Two.

I hope you enjoy!

Small Disclaimer:

Credit to the creators of the MeowMix and Friskies cat food.

Prologue~ Edit

"Oreo, Reesey!"

A sweet, stimulating smell diffused among the compacted house, originating from the kitchen. Reesey leapt from the windowsill, landing with her tail and nose sticking straight into the air. She inhaled the mesmerizing scent.

"Mmm, is that MeowMix... or Friskies?" Reesey murmured with delight, rasping her tongue across her nose.

Oreo came bolting from the living room, kicking up the rug neatly placed within the middle. He looked back, shrugged, and continued barreling into the kitchen. Oreo managed to bowl right into Reesey, knocking her to the side.

"Watch it, furball!" Reesey hissed, waving her paw in the air.

"Sorry," Oreo mewed, "not sorry..."

He began to meow furiously, eyeing his owner. As she set down the cat's food, Oreo lunged onto the bowl, covering it with his whole, fluffy body.

"Share!" Reesey spat.

"Never," Oreo retorted, stuffing his face into the food.

"I hope you get so fat you won't be able to move!" Reesey scoffed and turned to the back door, meowing to alert her owner she wants to go out.


Reesey breathed in the fresh air and leapt onto the fence ledge, squinting her eyes against the wind as she peered into the forest. She turned her head to see Oreo pouncing on fallen leaves.

"You immature mouse-brain," Reesey mumbled.

Chapter 1~ Edit

"What was that?" Oreo meowed as he lunged onto the fence, right beside Reesey.

Almost knocking her off, Reesey hissed, "You klutz, you almost made me fall off."

"Haha, oops," Oreo purred.

"Boy do I wish I could claw your fur off."

"Hey, what do you think is in that forest?"

"Well, Oreo, if you could think, you would know Henry told us bad cats live there. They live in groups and attack for no reason."

"Maybe you're one of them."

"Haha, you're funny... Where is Henry, anyways?"

"Well, Reesey, if you could think, you would know Henry told us," While Oreo was talking, Reesey scoffed, "that he wishes he was apart of them, you know, to be free."

"He can't be part of them, he's too nice," Reesey mewed, "We need to get him back."

"We!?" Oreo exclaimed, "I need to wait until all that delicious MeowMix digests for a nice, comfy visit with the litter box."

"Seriously, Oreo? Henry's taught us the life living indoors. We would've been out on the streets if he hadn't introduced us to our owner."

"I bet you won't go over the fence."

"Watch me."

Bunching up her haunches, Reesey prepared to leap. With her rear wiggling and her tail stuck out, she lunged.

"Reesey!" Oreo yowled.

Landing with an indistinct thud, Reesey bundled up, her eyes wide as she peered into the daunting forest.

"Reesey! Are you okay?" Oreo exclaimed while leaping down next to Reesey.

Reesey stood from her landing spot and rasped her tongue over her fluffed-out chest fur.

"Of course I am, fluffy." She seethed, beginning to walk towards the entrance of the forest. Even the brim of the woodland was gloomy.

"You sure? You obviously weren't just a second ago." Oreo walked beside Reesey, peering into the obscure forest.

"Like you know anything, Oreo." Reesey snapped and waved her tail, pulling ahead. She stopped abruptly as she reached a towering tree, scored with claw marks. The two felines were only a few tail-lengths into the forest.

"I wonder where these came from," Reesey began, eyeing the tree more. She shrugged and continued walking in the forest. "Come on Oreo." She urged.

Oreo ambled on behind her, a little unsure about this adventure. He cared for Henry and all, but he just had negative emotions about this.

"It's starting to get dark," Oreo remarked as he gazed up into the sky. "We should rest."

"Where?" Reesey questioned, turning around sharply to face Oreo.

"Uh- here!" Oreo exclaimed as he found a little den, constructed of branches, leaves, and mud. It didn't have a scent attached to it, at least to them.

Oreo and Reesey entered the makeshift den. Reesey kicked Oreo to the other side.

"I don't think so." She spat.

Oreo sighed and curled up in his corner, closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

Stay tuned! Edit