Prologue Edit

The birth was painful and strange. Humuni huddled in a damp heap; her sleek pelt soaked with the thick rain water. She screeched again in pain while her claws dug into the wet moss nest on the lake bed. Her contractions bore through her abdomen like a lion's claws. The pain was almost unbearable, but she refused to give up. Humuni let out another cry at the seventh contraction. Please, StarClan, let this suffering come to an end, Humuni thought in despair. She winced and cried out once more; her cry instantly silenced by the tiny meows of a kit.

Humuni's tiger-patterned head slowly turned so her sea foam eyes could gaze upon her second kit. A bundle of a soft, Toyger kit pelt curled next to Humuni's tail. Humuni's eyes brightened as she forgot all of the pain. She spun around to begin to groom the kit. Another series of kitten mews graced Humuni's ears. Katili, Humuni's first kit, dragged herself to her mother. Humuni purred and picked up Katili, who was a week older, placing her next to her younger sister. Akili, Humuni thought. Your name is Akili, little one. The two kits curled up together for warmth in the crisp and cold arctic air. Humuni wrapped herself around her kits; tucking them to her underbelly with her long tail.

"I don't know why", Humuni purred, "But you two are really something. Something that is going to save us all. Something that is going to bring justice to all. Something amazing."