• Four warriors choose between evil and ambious or the goodness of starclan,What will you decide?


Leader-Silentstar(Creekstar)- A dark grey she cat flecked with white spots'

Deputy-Creekfrost/star(Hickorytuft)-He is a lean dark brown tabby with green eyes and a white tail tip

Medichine cats-Flakefur/Dapplepaw as her apprentice-Both she cat and a creamy colored white


Hickorytuft- a

Rustfur- a redish brown she-cat

Spiderleg- A large black tom with a brown underbelly

Sweetberry-The prettiest she-cat in Shadowclan, Who is a red colored brown flecked with black

Honeydew- A pale tom with light brown spots

Deerrun- A light brown tom flecked with white spots making him look like a deer


Applestreak- A she-cat with a rust colored pelt

Bluefur- A dark grey she-cat


Adderkit/paw- a jet black tom

Shrewkit/paw- a light brown tom

Specklekit/paw-a dark gray she-cat

Flowerkit/paw-a neat rust colored she-cat








Flamestride- a dark orange tom

Sparrowflight- a black tom with brown underbelly

One-Eye-a white she-cat with one blind eye


Amnesia- a tan she-cat with scars criss-crossing her pelt

Red- a rust colored tom

Jay- a dark gray tom


Leader- Rockstar- a dark grey tom with silver spots

Deputy-Oakwind-a dark brown tom

Medichine cat-Finchtail / Mousepaw-Both light brown she-cats


Blackfur- a jet black tom

Woolyfur- a white tom with shaggy fur

Whitethroat- a black tom with a white neck

Smogstorm- a dark brown tom with a black underbelly and gray stripes

SandFlight- a sand colored she-cat


Nectarfur- a orange she-cat

Talltail-a black she-cat with white stripes


Greypaw- a light gray tom

Frostpaw- a white she-cat

Winterpaw- a white tom

Crypaw- a dark grey tom







Brighteye- a ginger she-cat with white underbelly

Ripplestrike-a gray she-cat that looks blue

Quillwing- a tan tom with black stripes


Leader-NutStar- a ginger tom

Deputy-Clawheart- a black tom with tan stripes

Medichine cat-Stormwing/Littlepaw as her apprentice- both white toms


Cherryfoot- a dark brown she-cat

Beechnut- a tan tom

Riverwing- a black tom

Runningwind- a brown tom with grey stripes

Tornadostrike- a dark grey tom

Twistedfoot- a tan tom with a twisted paw


Crookedpaw- a dark grey tom with a twisted jaw

Foxpaw- a orange she-cat with a white underbelly

Firepaw- a orange tom






Rainclaw- a dark grey she-cat

Violetstream- a light brown she-cat


Lilyflower- a pale she-cat

Ivyshoot- a pale gray she-cat

Ashfur- a dark grey tom flecked with silvery grey


Leader-Pinestar- a dark brown ginger colored tom

Deputy-Amberstone- a dark brown she-cat,Mate to Pinestar

Medichine cat-Sunfur/Leopardpaw as his apprentice- both pale toms


Whiteclaw-a frosty white she-cat

Lunarstreak- a moon colored tom

Onewhisker- a brown tom named after a omen

Wolfspider- a large tom that looks like a wolfspider

Iceclaw- a ice colored she-cat

Dusksky- a dusk colored tom

Redwing- a orange tom with brown spots

Tigerclaw- a tom that looks like a tiger but smaller


Gingerpaw- a ginger colored she-cat

Branchpaw- a dark brown tom

Featherpaw/wing- a light gray tom

Viperpaw/fang- a dark grey tom


Spottedleaf- a sweet calico she-cat

Autumnsong- a dusky colored she-cat

Briarlight- a light brown she-cat






Rosevine- a rust colored she-cat

Moosefoot- a dark brown tom

Quantumfeather- a light gray silvery tom


Bailey- a calico she-cat

Boris- a black and white tom

Lady- a pretty white she-cat

Dory- a white and gray she-cat

Chapter 1.

A chilly breeze swept threw the neatly packed Riverclan camp.Cats shivered and huddled feeling the change in climate.They soon knew Leaf-Bare was at-last here.One cat appreared from outside a garland of vines and mewed loudly " All cats old enough to catch your own prey gather beneth the highledge for a clan meeting". One by one cats sat huddled to gather beneth the ledge awaiting their leader's words."I Pinestar of Riverclan call this meeting to announce a new warrior to the clan,Viperpaw please step forward". Cats silently cheered as Viperpaw slowly and causiously climbed the walk-way to the Highledge."Do you Viperpaw, Pledge to become a loyal member to Riverclan,Fight,and defend it with your life." I do".He mewed " Then from this day forward i announce you as Viperfang.Yowls arose from the clan " Viperfang,Viperfang,Viperfang!" Pinestar mewed loudly to shush to cheers." You will hold a silentl vigil guarding our camp ".Viperfang held his vigil silently awaiting the cool crisp morning air and fresh frost.The cats stride to their den awaiting the warmth of their den and clanmates.You turn very cold but suddenly make-out the shape of a patrol of cats.VIperfang yowled waking his clanmates he yowled " Shadowclan's attacking!!" Pinestar lept sprinted out his den and launched himself off highledge onto a young warrior named Spiderleg,He raked his long claws down her back hissing wildly.Spiderleg whipped around clawing at his throat and yowling from his spinal injury.Meanwhile Viperfang took on Creekfrost the Shadowclan was teeth and claws from Riverclan fighting back against their attackers yowling.The clearing was full off Yowling,Hissing,and scared tails whipping out of the camp.The Riverclan deputy Amberstone locked claws with Sweetberry clawing at her throat hissing wildly.Viperfang locked in battle with Silverstar,Viperfang viciously forced his claws into the old leaders throat yowling with rage.Suddenly Silverstar went limp.Every Shadowclan cat turned and shreiks with shock.They stopped fighting instantly,Pinestar let them take Sileverstar's body to their camp.The Shadowclan cats high-tailed out.Yowls of happiness arose.Pinestar approached Viperfang."if you would'nt have woken us up we would be dead".he mewed as he purred a thanks.

Cheers began all around Viperfang,He felt as though he was a hero.He was congratulated by many cats.Then finished his vigil.The next morning the cats held a feast for him."Viperfang,Tigerclaw,Wolfspider,Featherwing and Dusksky,Dawn patrol".They all whipped around seeing the beautiful she-cat give them orders to patrol."Yes Autumnstone".They mewed all at once admiring her beauty.The cats stalked outside camp almost drooling over Autumnstone ."Put your tongue back in my starclan."FeatherWing mewed."Plus if anyones a trophy its Spottedleaf"He purred thinking of the beautiful shecat."Spottedleaf?" They looked at him like he was crazy."I like Briarlight".They looked at him.Soon they rounded the Windclan border.Then Walked back to camp still discussing their loves.When they strut into camp they heart five she-cats giggling alot.They soon discovered they were talking about who liked viperfang.He son discovered almost every she-cat now crushed on him.Every time he'd get prey they'd ask to join him.He'd always refuse.About a moon later Pinestar called apon his cats once more " All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneth highledge for a clan meeting".Branchpaw and Gingerpaw approached the highledge." Do you pledge to fight defend and charish this clan with your life?" Pinestar mewed," i do they mewed at the same time"."Then i now give you your names, Branchwhisker and Gingerfall."Pinestar mewed.Then now i prononce you warrior of Riverclan."You may silently hold your vigil".They silently sat their vigil not saying a word or telling a soul what they saw.The next day Viperfang went on patrol with,Redwing,Tigerclaw,And Dusksky.Viperfang,Tigerclaw,and dusksky soon saw themselves locked in a vicous battle for the river.Dusksky sprinted to camp getting six other warriors.They were all locked in a huge battle for the river that they depended on.The valley was filled with loud majestic yowls and hisses from Riverclan and Windclan.They cats claws at eachother's throats and underbellys aiming to kill or fatally wound one-another.The battle continued yowls,hisses,and fleeing cats filled the valley.One cat named, Whitethroat was even thrown in the gorge but made it out alive but soaked.They retreated back to their camp since the incident,With High-pitched yowls over anger flowing behind them as the ran.The next day they patroled closer to the border aware of Creekfrost and Hickorytuft strutting across the Windclan border.Viperfang yowled suprising them both.They jumped and grumbled a greeting." Oh, dont be a poor sport Creekfrost"He joked.As her and Hickorytuft purred a greeting.Viperfang and her twined their tail showing they were madly in love."Im going to highstones to become a leader." She declared." Meet at great rock afterward".Viperfang whispered smirking.After Creekstar padded to the great rock.Viperfang purred seeing her walk toward him.There flanks brushed and tails twined."I guess were spending the night." His whiskers twitched."I guess". She purred."Then we should build a nest". "True".The pair were suddenly gathering sticks,bracken,moss,and loose geese feather, from straying candian geese heading South for Leaf-bare.They lean cats huddled close aware of the crisp night air overtaking them.The next morning as Creekstar stretched her unusally long legs.Viperfang licked her cheek breathing in her flowery fumes."I must be going now, my love"Viperfang mewed."Alright dear, "I will see you soon" she purred.Viperfang padded through the air careful of the twigs or leaf bits on the forest floor.Creekstar walked, lost in thought of the painstaking process of avoiding her dawn patrols.She kept padding aware of the torrent sweeping down through,leading into a fresh clean lake.Even when she happily was about to have kits from her lovely mate, she felt a void.Not like any other, but an empty feeling straining her from trudging ahead.As she walked on feeling the horrid empty space, she sniffed an Aspen tree far from her current point.Creekstar finally made it back home but, has washed the scent of her mate away.Her warriors, kits, medicine cars, and apprentices, and elder.Were all hers.

Chapter 2.

Creekstar gasped and panted and winced in pain."Flakefur", Her yowl broke across the wide spread clearing."what, its time already"."Dapplepaw, get the sticks and raspberry leaves".The small she-cat darted avoiding the larger warriors, racing to get the products she needed.Creekstar gasped as a tiny kit slipped out."One more, push".She pushed and gasped as a creamy she-cat slipped out.

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