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The Story of these Tribes. They live and our differnet from others. They don't use Stoneteller or live alone and have some differnet ranks.

The Tribe of the Rushing Stream

Healer: Shallow Water in Stream(Shallow Water-Dark gray tabby tom

Border-Guards Cats who do Border Patrols and Guard Camp

Glowing Stone of Sunlight-Glowing Stone- Golden she-cat with white patches, Dawn Sky, Reed Stream, and Hay Fur

Ghost of Star Spirit(Ghost Spirit-Gray and White tom with glowing amber eyes

Dawn Sky that reflects on Water(Dawn Sky:Pink-grayish torishell she-cat with green eyes

Hay That Sticks in Fur(Hay Fur-Golden she-cat green eyes

Ember that Flames to Ash-(Emer FlameSmall Gray tom

Night that shines on Pool(Night Shine-Gray and White she-cat

Owl that Hoots in the Dark(Owl Hoot-Yellow and black tabby tom

Crow that hides with Night(Crow Night-Black she-cat


Reed near Stream bed(Reed Stream)-Black and white tom

Snow at Foot of Tree(Snow Tree-White she-cat

Ocean that swallows Sand(Ocean Sand-Tabby and gray tom

Leaf that is Gold in the Sunlight(Gold Leaf- Tabby she-cat

Sunbeam that shines on rock(Sunbeam- Golden she-cat

Melting Snow that flows down Hill(Melting Snow-White she-cat


Bird that flies in Sky-Bird Sky-Orange Tabby and White she-cat mother to Soft Moss and Heather Clearing

Shining Moon in Sky-Shining Moon-Gray she-cat expecting Ember Flame's kits