The Pack of Shadowed Paws camp was silent as the cloudy morning came. Only a few wolves, the guards and a few others were awake. Syra padded over to Jet and sat down by her she then whispered as they were near the Combatant den and didn't want to wake anyone,

"know what the strange scent by the borders was?" she said her fur ruffling in the wind. "Hmm, nah I don't." Jet replied and looked into the Combatant's den where Chronicler was loudly snoring.

Then suddenly white fur shot by and Jenna was past Jet and Syra and was standing in the entrance to the Combatant den "Evie, Ballad, Chronicler, and Shadow. Go on the morning patrol quick!" Jenna said looking down at them.

Chronicler yawned and stood up stretching "I will lead it." Shadow quietly stood up and gave a tiny nod in agreement.

Then Evie and Ballad got up and hurried off with Shadow and Chronicler already going to the camp exit.

Chronicler flicked his tail as he turned away from the usual place they would go

"let's check the border where the stranger wolf scent was scented" then he turned to the left and padded to the trees that surrounded the little grass clearing where there was a strange scent and a couple bones whispering "surround it then go in."

Just before they crashed in there were scampering footsteps and Chronicler leaped without hesitation howling but missing the grey wolf as he raced away over the border. As Evie, Ballad, Chronicler, and Shadow burst in they were too late too stop the wolf.

When they were back in camp Jenna was sitting with Evie and Ballad asking them all about the wolves and Chronicler was talking with Jet as Shadow sat in the shadows of the camp eating a rabbit.

Chapter 1

As night came the camp was silent, only one patrol with a few extra wolves was sent out to the place were the wolf had escaped Chronicler. Suddenly a terrified and saddened howl broke out and all the wolves raced out of their dens startled. Jenna barked out commands alone with Nyx and Arya

"Apollo organize black-furred wolves to go with you to the area!" Jenna barked, then Arya shouted "Echo take a few Subordinates and Combatants to guard the youth!" 

Midnight woke up last confused on what's happening. Startled Midnight saw patrols heading out into the forest. She tried to run after them but stopped in horror as a triumphant unfamiliar terrifying howl came mixed with battle howls and warning cries.

Top'ko suddenly ran out of the forest covered in blood "Jenna! There are too much wolves out there we're retreating here!" Jenna looked to him from the high ledge and shouted "paws get ready! We will win this battle!" 

Suddenly a russet rogue raced in, he leaped at the wounded and tired Top'ko. But before the wolf could reach him Chronicler burst out of nowhere toppling the smaller wolf over pinning him and biting down tearing into his neck then hopping off the dead body as other wolves raced in and the battle begun:

Kani and Koi were fighting along side with three other rogue wolves. Shadow, Evie, and Briar were fighting four other wolves,  Onyx was fighting alone. The place was outrageous and Midnight was just killing a wolf when suddenly another white wolf leaped into her completely over-weighting her pinning her down hard.

But then Thorn leaped into the wolf and rolled away with him pinning and killing him. Midnight leaped upon a smaller wolf and bit into the wolf's shoulder trashing the small creature and slamming it onto the ground. She then ended it with a swift bite to the neck and horrifyingly looked at a giant grey wolf slamming into Jenna really hard making her fly into the dusty ground.

Midnight howled and leaped to the wolf just and he was about to leap at Jenna and kill her. She let out a whimper that turned into a yowl when instead of Jenna, the wolf, with all his force slammed into her and bite into her exposed stomach. The last thing Midnight saw was wolves crowding around her fighting off the enemies; 

Blaine and Chessa defeated the enemy wolves along side with Eden and the other pack-mates. Then Midnight blacked out.

Chapter 2

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