Las Vegas is a rather strange city. It had been filled with both dreams and ambitions for a fulfilling lifestyle. You either made it or not, there's no in between. Either you were well known and loved, or just a remained unknown.

Chapter One

"The purge is an annual event where all crime is legal for 12 hours. All emergency services are suspended. Will you survive the Purge?" The announcer called over the city speakers. Shortly after that, the emergency bell rang. The sound echoing the empty streets, filling the room with suspense.

"So, are you guys ready?" Josh said, a smirk crossing his face. Everyone nodded, and began to stand up, grabbing their weapons. Raiden held his sword, nearly hitting Courtney in the face. "Hey! Watch what you're doing!" She shrieked, stepping back as Raiden sputtered an apology."C'mon, we need to focus, I don't think any of you want to die, right?" Josh commented, grabbing a pistol. Everyone went silent after that, the sound of screams from outside filled the room.

"We need to go." Elizabeth added, walking towards the door. She opened it, seeing someone crying over a corpse. Remaining silent, everyone walked out. Seconds after, Vivian tripped and fell, Emily helped her up while Josh, Debby and Liam held back laughter. "Focus! Someone could shoot us any second, we need to remain vigil." Andre added, walking in front of the group. They began walking towards the downtown area, before seeing a group of teenagers- about the same age, approach them. "What do we have here?" One spat, grabbing his pistol. Rebecca and Ashley were first to react, grabbing their guns, Ashley held him under gun-point and sighed, pulling the trigger and dropping the body to the ground.

"Run!" The sound echoed, followed by Mike running from the opposite direction, away from the other group. All of them holding up their guns. They began shooting, but pathetically missed everyone. Mike led everyone to an abandoned house, making sure everyone was fine. Luckily nobody was seriously hurt, besides Vivian's scratched knee from when she tripped.

Chapter Two

As they continued walking, nobody was outside, it was like a ghost town. "I feel like someone is watching us.." Rachel whispered, walking towards the front of the group. Summer nodded in agreement, "I think there's someone here guys.." "If you're too scared, then go-" Gabriel said, as 3 teenagers walked around the corner, all of them holding guns. "Nice to see people out! What a nice day, isn't it?" A short, blonde girl said, grabbing her gun.

Courtney's dog, Buddy began barking, ripping off his leash, he lunged at the girl, dodging a shot by seconds. He snapped at her arm, throwing the gun out of her reach. "Good boy, Buddy!" Courtney said, while Summer ran up and grabbed the gun, aiming it at the girl. "What a wonderful day to die." She mocked, shooting the girl. The others retreated, jumping into the trunk of a pickup.

Tyler crouched down next to Buddy, petting him "Good boy!" He whispered, standing back up. "So, what now?" He asked, looking towards Josh and Debby. "Hmm, maybe we could rob a Starbucks?" Josh joked, laughing a bit. "No but seriously, we should keep moving."