,--.   ,--.     ,--.                  ,--.      ,--------.                             
 \  `.'  /,---. |  |,--.  ,--.,---. ,-'  '-.    '--.  .--',---.  ,--,--.,--.--. ,---.  
  \     /| .-. :|  | \  `'  /| .-. :'-.  .-'       |  |  | .-. :' ,-.  ||  .--'(  .-'  
   \   / \   --.|  |  \    / \   --.  |  |         |  |  \   --.\ '-'  ||  |   .-'  `) 
    `-'   `----'`--'   `--'   `----'  `--'         `--'   `----' `--`--'`--'   `----'

This book is about a group of lions and lioness'. This book contains

romance, blood + gore, drama, sad themes and violence. Comment

below after each day and say what you would like to happen next.

All names have been translated into Italian, to find out what the

names would be in English, please find to a translator. Enjoy! ^,^


Serenità yawned, showing her giant white teeth. Her yellow eyes blinking before they opened slowly. She stared up at the sky to see a white lioness' staring down at her. "Sornione, your daughter has awoken!" She cried out and then vanished from Serenità's sight. A great lion appeared. His left eye was scared and he didn't dare open it. His mane was rugged and tangled. His orange eye glared at her and he smiled. He placed his right paw on her forehead, muttering words. "You will become our leader, our carer in future time. My dear daughter, Serenità, the white lioness. I here by claim you as my own till dusk till dawn for until my eternal death." Sornione grinned, then with a flick of his tail he was out of her sight. She frowned, seeing as he was her father she wished he would stay in her sight. She rolled onto her belly, then pushed herself to her feet. The horizon was bright orange, it was still dawn. She looked around seeing many lions sleeping and some eating. She saw Sornione walking towards a puddle of water then saw the white lioness' from before grooming herself. Serenità stared at her white paws and, balancing carefully, took her first steps. On the third step she stumbled down letting out a little puff of air. Her father turned his head in her direction, water dropped from his chin and mane. He padded towards her chuckling. "My daughter takes her first steps with pride." She lifted her chin with a proud state then stood up again staring down once more at her paws. With her father watching, Serenità patrolled the grass for anymore young un's. She stared down another white lion who had just awoken. He was looking around for something to do. She decided to steadily walk towards him. She looked back seeing her father had decided to do something else and took her chance in leaping at the male. He yelped in shock and glared at her. He hissed and Serenità smirked. "Hello, I'm Serenità, who might you be?" The young lion smiled sweetly and replied, "I am Lupo." He opened a wide mouth and yawned stretching out his pale yellow body. A small mane was perched around his face and he stood up steadily. He grinned and pounced on her tail. Serenità giggled and pawed at his belly. He let out a tiny roar, presumably trying to copy the older lions. Lupo then shook his head and showed his white teeth. She took no fear from this and lifted her chin proudly and walked around him. He followed her eyes, his large orange eyes glowering into hers. Serenità cherished this moment for a few seconds later the white lioness' who had first greeted her ran up to them hissing. "Leave Sornione's daughter alone!" She snarled and Lupo whimpered at this before running to his own mother. The lioness rounded on Serenità. "Do not wander of to strange cats. Our daughter does not bow to this!" Sornione ran over looking puzzled. "What has happened Gloria?" Gloria glared at her mate. "Our daughter has been fighting with this lion." She flicked her tail towards where Lupo and his mother were sitting. He was telling his mother what happened and they soon walked up to the group. The yellow lioness growled. "They were only playing, leave the children be!" Gloria glared at the lioness and snarled, baring her teeth. "Don't you dare accuse my daughter!" Gloria swiped her claws at the other lioness. "Gloria! Volpe! Please stop this!" Sornione roared and leaped in between the lioness'. They stared at him looking taken aback. Sornione glared at the females and picked up Lupo and Serenità, stalking back to a shrub. He placed down his daughter then walked over to where Volpe and Lupo were resting and placed him down. He then curled up around Serenità, attempting to get some sleep. Serenità sighed, then decided to close her eyes and rest till it was half-day.


Serenità was in a clearing of dirt and rocks. There was a steep rock in front of her, ragged and pitched high above her. A tall old lion was standing at the top, staring down at her. He had scars on his face and bunches of his mane were missing. His left eye was gone, and the tips of his ears missing. His tail was bent so when he swayed it briskly you could notice it much more then anything. He continued to stare down at her, lifting his right foreleg in pain. He didn't speak but his eye told many stories.