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This is the First book in the Nightfeather Saga: Crashing Waves

Dark skies rain be gone by Birds feather in the Night


Leader: Dawnstar-Tan Tortoiseshell she-cat amber eyes (8 lives)

Deputy: Clearfur-Misty gray and white she-cat blue eyes

Medicine cat: Fogpelt-Pale gray and Dark gray patchy tom-cat green eyes

Medicine cat Apprentice: Shallowpaw-Pale gray she-cat blue eyes


Troutsplash- Blue gray tom Orange eyes

Owlflight-Brown tom green eyes Apprentice: Patchpaw

Robinwing-Brown she-cat with a lighter underbelly and Amber eyes, Owlflight's sister Apprentice: Petalpaw

Blackfeather- Black she-cat Blue eyes Apprentice: Riverpaw

Webwhisker- Dusty brown tom green eyes

Duskshade- Gray, Pale gray, Dark gray and black tom amber eyes

Beetlesong- Brown speckled white she-cat amber eyes

Primrosetail -Cream she-cat green eyes


Patchpaw- Black and white patchy tom blue eyes

Petalpaw-Light brown she-cat green eyes

Riverpaw- Blue gray she-cat blue eyes


Mintwhisker- White she-cat green eyes mother to Troutsplash's 3 moon kits: Mosskit- Gray and white patchy she-kit green eyes and Nightkit- Black tom-kit with a dark gray underbelly and orange eyes

Poppyflower- White she-cat with black and ginger splotches and green eyes oldest nursing queen, mother to Duskshade's 2 and a half moon kits: Fernkit-Black she-kit green eyes, Frogkit- Gray tom-kit with black speckles and amber eyes, and Specklekit- White, ginger and black speckled she-kit amber eyes


Icewing- pale gray and white she-cat blue eyes

Rippleheart- Dark gray tom green eyes

Frostpetal- pale gray she-cat blue eyes

Spottedshine- Tortoiseshell and white she-cat green eyes

Other Clans: WillowClan, BreezeClan, and MoonClan TBA

Chapter 1 Edit

Nightkit sat by the water of the creek and thought I wonder what's gonna happen today.... "Hey Nightkit!" Frogkit's mew interrupted his thinking. "Wanna play?" Added Nightkit's sister, Mosskit. The three kits along with Frogkit's siblings Fernkit and little Specklekit. As they were running and playing along the icy part of the Creek, Specklekit fell and her tongue got stuck to a frozen birch. "Helph!" she wailed as Fernkit ran to Poppycloud, their mother to tell her about it. Poppycloud ran over to her kit. "Just breathe." She calmly mewed. Poppycloud was a old she-cat and was retiring to the elder's den when her kits are six moons.

After dealing with the tongue problem, Specklekit was hurried to the Medicine cat den. Nightkit shurugged. Fernkit and Mosskit tossed Stones into an open crack in the Creek were Specklekit cracked it. Frogkit joined them. "Hey Mintwhisker!" mewed Troutsplash nuzzling Mintwhisker.

Chapter 2 Edit

"Petalwhisker, Patchtail, Riverstream!" The Clan chanded. Nightkit gazed at the new Warriors he was 5 and 3 quarters old now, and tomorrow 6. Mintwhisker nuzzled her kits. "Oh Nightkit, Mosskit, did you know tomorrow is the gathering? You may come!"

The Next Morning Edit

"All cats gather around the Creekrock for a Clan meeting! Nightkit, Mosskit, you have reached the age of six moons and it is time you become Apprentices. Nightkit, from now until you receive your Warrior name, You shall be known as Nightpaw. Your mentor will be Beetlesong. I hope she wil pass down all she knows." Autumnstar paused. "Beetlesong, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You had received excellent training from Spottedshine, and you have shown yourself to be Loyal and Trustful You will be the mentor of Nightpaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to him.

Mosskit's part of ceromony coming soon!