Slightly based off Fallen Skies and The Missing Light :3

  • Boulder (Alpha)
  • Abstract (Beta)
  • Star (Delta #1)
  • Artemis (Delta #2)
  • Ivy (Healer)
  • Snowfall (Hunter)
  • Kori (Hunter)
  • Shayde (Hunter)
  • Hato (Hunter)
  • Dewdrop (Hunter)
  • Dusk (Hunter)
  • Shadow (Hunter)
  • Fumei (Patrol)
  • Lunar (Patrol)
  • Skylar (Patrol)
  • Raven (Patrol)
  • Silver (Patrol)
  • Arashi (Spy)
  • Owl (Spy)
  • Fang (Spy)
  • Galaxy (Spy)
  • Cloud (Howler)
  • Naitomosu (Howler)
  • Yoi (Howler)
  • Fox (Howler)
  • Crystal (Howler)

Slight History? Edit

The packs actually started in the skies of Japan :3 But something happened making them have to leave some wolves kept Japanese tradition (Or what ever its called) and named their pups in their language. Im running low on ideas for wolves... (I need help with stuff :3)

Hato = Heart

Fumei = Unknown

Arashi = Storm

Naitomosu = Night Moss

Yoi = Good

Papuru = Purple

Ai = Love

Bofuu = Rainstorm

Heikin = Mean

Midori = Green

Supai = Spy

Rusuto = Rust

Niji = Rainbow

Hono no Sakuru = Circle of Flames

Kaen Dansa = Flame Dancer

Aibi = Ivy


The she-pup laid panting as the alpha stood over her he grinned for a heartbeat "Now... Will you get back to work?" He growled "Sir... I've worked all day." The she-pup noticed something shine in his eyes "Y-y-yes S-sir." She sighed before leaving the camp to finishing scouting

Chapter 1 Edit


<Sky Wolves Territory>

The white she-wolf sat eagerly hoping to be picked "I will like to request that the following joins my pack... Kori, Dewdrop..." The she-wolf drifted into thought "What if Im good enough... What if Im not accepted... What if I have to stay in my birth pack." She slowly started to panic "Shayde." When she heard her name she worried more "What if something bad happens..."

"Don't worry Shayde... Now go up." Her father nudged her forward and she bounded up.

Shayde woke up "Oh... That dream again." She sighed walking out the den "Hi Shayde, finally awake?" Hato laughed "What...?" She tilted her head "It's sun-high." Hato sighed "Oh no!" Shayde yelped and ran out of camp before taking off in flight "I over slept again." She sighed as she landed clumsily on the cloud "Sorry Im late." She yelped as Beta rolled his eyes "Get in formation." Shayde obeyed

It was a long day of training but when it was over it was a little before dusk "Yo Shayde, wanna go hunting?" Shadow barked "Sure." Shayde slightly laughed "Race you to Mountain Peak!" He barked an took flight "I still can't believe the mountains tall enough to reach the clouds." She smiled be

fore taking flight after Shadow

"Here I come." She howled slightly seeing his black frame agaisnt the set

ting sun "You can't catch me." He barked back flying faster "The two fastest Sky Wolves racing?" Arashi grinned flying into sight "Aren't there others as fast as us?" Shayde barked pushing herself to get faster, she was now neck to neck with Shadow

  • Kronos (Leader)
  • Seraphim (Deputy)
  • Snowfeather (Shaman)
  • Xeno (Fighter)
  • Ruffle (Fighter)
  • Katana (Fighter)
  • Eagle (Fighter)

"Mountain Peak!" He barked as the peak came in sight "Wait your going to Mountain Peak?" Arashi's eyes widened "Yea why?" All three wolves stopped "The griffons live there now..." She tilted her head "Oh... I forgot." Shadow frowned the three hovered wolf-lengths from the clouds "Let's go to the Two-standers Land." Shayde smiled "Race you both!" Shayde finished and wrapped her wings around her legs as she

quickly started to fall

"Glad I saw a falcon do this." Shayde saw Arashi and Shadow were having trouble keeping up "Catch me if you can!" Shayde barked, when she was a fox-length away from the ground she lifted up and flew toward the bottom of the Mountain "Shayde!" Arashi called "I won't touch the mountain." Shayde reassured her as she landed under it "See." Shayde grinned "What do you want." A bird/lion creature inches bigger than Shayde sighed "Hello Katana..." Shayde took a couple steps back

"I told you no... What do you do..." Arashi sighed "Sorry Katana..." Arashi led Shayde away "Your one hot-headed wolf." She sighed "Why thank you." Shayde smiled as Arashi rolled her eyes "Not a complement."

"Let's go toward the lake..." Shadow sighed "No! That's to close to the two-standers." Arashi growled "You two want to be punished." She rolled her eyes

Chapter 2 Edit

It's been a week since Shayde left camp "Let all Sky Wolves able to fly gather." Alpha howled every wolf flew or ran "We have gathered for these special Howlers... Raven and Naitomosu... Your mentors have said your ready to..." Shayde stopped listening

"Blah Blah Blah." She sighed "They really need to shorten this..." When she started listening again alpha was barking "Raven you are now a Patrol Wolf! Naitomosu your mentor has said your very skilled so you'll be ranked Hunter." "Wait... You can skip Patrol Wolf?" Shayde rolled her eyes



"Meeting dismissed." Alpha finished "We finally graduated from Howlers!" Raven barked "Calm down." Naitomosu sighed "I wonder why Alpha held their ceremony so late... they're as old as me now..." Shayde sighed and walked up to Ivy "Yo sis..." She started

"Not now!" Ivy growled "Ok ok." Shayde sighed and left the Healer's Den "Taboo from the Kingdom of Wolves as come." Alpha howled and every wolf was in the clearing once again "Queen Papuru has requested that wolves join her army." Taboo barked

"I can join!" A wolf barked "I already have the wolves picked out..." Taboo sighed "Bad memories..." Shayde sighed "The following names will join... Dewdrop, Fumei, Lunar, Skylar, Shayde, Raven, Arashi, Galaxy and Naitomosu." Taboo's bark rang around camp

"Im sorry... I can't let that many wolves leave." Alpha shooks his head and Taboo stretched out his bat like wings "Then we must talk..." The two wolves vanished into the Leader's Den "I don't want to go." Dewdrop slightly sobbed 

The two wolves came from the den "I have agreed to let every wolf he named leave..." Alpha sighed "Don't make me go!" Dewdrop cried "Fine... The other wolf on the list was Yoi." Taboo shrugged and left camp with every named wolf except Dewdrop "We'll be traveling for awhile... So you better hope your wings are in shape." Taboo took off and every wolf followed.

Chapter 3 Edit

The wolves had just arrived at the Kingdom of Wolves they've traveled t hree days. "Welcome to your new home." Taboo grinned "Don't scare them." A ginger/red wolf sighed "Fine oh great and powerful Solarflare." Taboo flew off "Sorry if he spooked you..." The ginger/red wolf sighed again "As you must've guessed im Solarflare." She smiled "Follow me." She trotted off "When will we get the reason why we're here." Shayde sighed watching everyone follow Solarflare, before she could take a step she heard a Spst she turned around "Taboo?" She lowered her ears slightly "Yes... Follow me..." He sounded slightly worried so Shayde followed

"What." Shayde barked "You... Uh... Your not suppose to be here..." He started "Dewdrop AND Yoi were suppose to come, I left Yoi out and you took her place." Taboo continued "So while your here try to stay low, tell your packmates to call you Dewdrop... That way both of us will stay out of trouble." Taboo finished and sent Shayde on her way.
  • Queen Papuru (Queen)
  • Solarflare (Secretary)
  • Ai (Lead Mentor)
  • Taboo (Lead Hunter)
  • Snowdrop (Lead Spy)
  • Bofuu (Lead Gaurd)
  • Abyss (???)
  • Sunburst (Hunter)
  • Heikin (???)
  • Midori (Supai)
  • Rusuto (Supai)
  • Niji (Guard)
  • Hono no Sakuru (Supai)
  • Kaen Dansa (Hunter)
  • Sunset (Hunter)
They've been in the Kingdom of Wolves... Who keeps track? "Dewdrop come for your final test." Ai smiled "Coming ma'am." Shayde replied.

Shayde arrived in the main clearing every wolf surrounded her (the other recruits from other packs) "Thank you all for coming." The queen started "As you may know... Not everyone has made it this far so tomorrow we will honor them." She continued "But... For now get into your groups and your Ai will get you to your final teacher." The queen finished

"Hi my little cupcakes." Ai smiled after getting to Shayde's group "Your final teacher will be Bofuu." She wagged her pink tail "Then we'll decide your forever rank." She said before leading Shayde, Yoi and Naitomosu to Bofuu "Here's one of your groups." Ai said to Bofuu

Bofuu had just got all his groups and led them farther into the Kingdom "Im Bofuu that's Japanese for Rainstorm." He started "I will be testing your guard skills... You will be guarding me... NO MATTER WHAT I SAY you don't leave my side." He said "We start... now." He finished "Velvet... Can you go fetch me some water?" Bofuu tilted his head "Oh y-y-yes sir." She started to run but was stopped "You failed." Bofuu sighed

"This will be easy... Just stay next to him." Shayde smiled "Dewdrop.. I was just informed the Queen wants you." Bofuu barked "Sorry... Tell her later, Im busy." Shayde smiled on the inside but kepta serious face "Good work with staying with me... But this is the Queen if she wants you, you must go." Bofuu nodded his head "Thank you sir." Shayde dipped her head.

It was a long day of guarding suprisingly only two wolves failed, Velvet and Roo. "Im proud of you all... Get some rest." Bofuu ordered and all the wolves went back to their dens "No talking... Just work..." Shayde sighed before going to her den to sleep.

Chapter 4 Edit

Shayde was harshly awaken "W-w-what?" She yawned "The Queen has decided everyone's final ranks." She heard Taboo's voice "Coming." She stood up and followed Taboo "Now that everyones here... The following will be Guards... Raven, Naitomosu..." Shayde drifted into thought "I have a short attention stance... Blah blah blah... Names names names... Muffins... Gablah!" She sighed "The following will be Hunters... Galaxy, Yoi, Fish, Sunburst... The following will be Spies... Arashi..." "Why wasn't I a Hunter! I thought I was good." Shayde started panicing "And others... Dewdrop, Heikin, Abyss..." She continued

"What does she mean OTHER... What if she's gonna kill us!" She started panicing more "Thank you all... If you weren't named please follow me." Queen Papuru slighly grinned "If you were named as Other please follow me." Ai smiled "You were named Other becaused the Queen had thought you were special." Ai smiled "Does she ONLY smile?" Shayde sighed "I remember when the Queen named me Other... At first I thought I didn't make the cut but now..." Ai still smiled

"You maybe wondering what rank this is... We kinda do everything... We mostly do a differant version of spying." Ai started "Explain please." Abyss tilted her head "If they know the wolf already then we protend we were kicked out." Ai shook herself off "Your here to join the 'army' the real reason is so we can Spy on someone ambush them and destroy." Ai grinned with a tint of craziness in her eye for a heartbeat

"Sorry I got ahead of myself... I will show you where we sleep." Ai led the four wolves in the woods "Welcome to your new home." She wagged her tail, the den was large no dust or cobwebs "Wow!" Midori gasped "Thanks, I try." Ai grinned "I'll get you some bedding." She trotted out the den before taking off in flight

"She's to happy for my taste." Heikin sighed "Agreed." Midori nodded "Don't talk about me behind my back." Ai growled something fluffy in her jaws, she put it down "If I find out you talk about me or any of the higher rankings I will deal with you myself." She finished "Yes ma'am." They looked suprised "Good." She stormed off "Let's get our beds together." Abyss picked up some of the fluffy stuff "This feels like cloud." She set it up two whiskers from the ground and everyone did the same "Now what? Oh wait... We can visit our old packmates." Abyss smiled before flying off

Shayde padded out the den before taking flight "I shouldn't visit anyone..." She was flying over the hunting grounds when a dark figure started following her, she was slightly freaked out so she flew faster "Slow down." She heard the wolf call and she obeyed when the figure got closer she noticed it was Taboo "What do you want?" She sighed "I just wanted to tell you..."

Chapter 5 Edit

It's been a wolf-journey since Shayde got her final rank.

"Dewdrop come..." Bofuu lead the she-wolf toward Crying Falls "I know your real name..." He started to circle her "H-h-how?" Shayde's legs slightly shook her tail between her legs "I have my ways Shayde... You get the honors of watching Taboo get punished... Before you do." Bofuu grinned "L-l-leave T-T-Taboo out o-o-of this." Shayde yelped "Why? He disobeyed his Queen." Bofuu growled

"That's what I thought... Speechless." He led Shayde toward the main camp "I've got her." Bofuu pushed Shayde forward "Good... Thank you Bofuu." The queen walked out a large cave covered in vines "You may go." The queen said and waited for Bofuu to leave


~Queen Papuru's Den

"You shouldn't lie to the Queen about who you are." Papuru started "But you show great promise... I'll let you live, not without punishment though." Queen Papuru continued "Your punishment will be watching me kill Taboo." She finished "No! Please don't do this... At least don't make me watch!" Shayde cried she noticed she was giving Papuru pleasure because she smirked "Let's go." Papuru half dragged Shayde in her den

"Solarflare, Ai and Snowdrop... Hold her back." Queen Papuru ordered Ai and Snowdrop didn't hesitate but Solarflare did "Bring him out." The Queen barked again and Sunburst walked out with Taboo "I choose Shayde instead of Dewdrop... And Im going to be killed?" Taboo snarled "Don't question your Queen." Sunburst sighed "Dewdrop was a whimp! I did you a favor." Taboo continued

"Taboo this isn't the only time you disobeyed me... This was your last chance." Papuru growled before lunging at him, every time Shayde tried to look away Ai would bite her neck a yelp echoed in the cave before Taboo went limp "Goodbye Taboo... You were a worthy wolf." Solarflare sighed "I'll leave you two alone." Queen Papuru smirked before everyone left

"Taboo... You stupid furball." Shayde sighed before leaving the den "Go dump him in Sparkling Stream." Papuru ordered and two wolves dragged him away "What! Your not even going to burry him?!" Shayde's eyes widened, no reply "You monsters." She whispered and Abyss looked at her

"Look I understand what your going through, kinda." Abyss sighed "This is random but... Did he tell you why he was a bat-winged wolf?" Abyss tilted her head and Shayde shook her head "Oh, ok." Abyss trotted off

"I'll find his body down river... Then I can burry him." Shayde smiled before taking off in flight

Chapter 6 Edit

Shayde looked up and down the river over five times now, no Taboo, she spotted the two wolves who were going to dump him "Where is he." She growled "We don't know... We looked away for a second and he was gone." They looked terrified "Queen Papuru will get mad if we're out to long... Come." They started walking "She's not my queen anymore... I thought she was something amazing..." Shayde growled before storming off "Wait! That's Two-standers Place!" One yelped but Shayde ignored them



"Everything was a lie... Maybe my pack will take me back?" She sighed "Watch out!" Someone yelped before she crashed into someone, she saw a feather or two on the ground "Why're you in such a rush?" The brownish wolf fox thing sighed "Is why're a real word?" The creature shrugged

"Im Jordan by the way." She smiled wagging her... tails? "Im Sh..." Shayde started "This could be my chance to start over..." "Your sh?" Jordan tilted her head "No, Im Aibi... Which means Ivy." Shaybe smiled "Nice to meet ya." She smiled "So... Are you a wolf or fox... And why the two tails?" Shayde tilted her head "Im a wolf and fox hybrid... I have two tails the same reason you have wings." Jordan continued smiling

"Why so smily?" Shayde tilted her head "It's just my personality I guess." Jordan sat down "Wait till you meet my friend! He'll be so happy to see a winged-wolf." Jordan nudged Shayde away

"Jee... I love being pushed." Shayde sighed sarcastically "Phew that's a relief." Jordan slightly laughed "Who's that Jordan." Someone sighed from a tree "This is Aibi... That's who knows what for Ivy." Jordan smiled "It's japanese." Shayde rolled her eyes "You brought a WINGED-WOLF here!" The creature growled "You know they're out to kill me." He calmed down alittle "I know... She just seemed so nice." Jordan sighed "She SEEMED nice." He growled again

Shayde looked down at Jordan, her legs were shaking but she sounded strong and confident "You know if I trust them... you can." "Did you at least test her?" He sighed "Uh... uh... No." Jordan nervously laughed "What are you wait for." Shayde could see some red in the tree "Yes sir." Jordan started pushing Shayde away

"Now, I'll hold you under for 2 minutes... If you try to bite or hurt me, my friend will kill you." She smiled and Shayde nodded then Jordan pushed her in "3...2...1" Jordan held her under

Shayde's never been under water before so she was kinda freaked out, after awhile her lungs screamed for air but she couldn't struggle or Jordan's friend would kill her, Jordan let her up "Whoops... 2 minutes and 30 seconds... No biggy." Jordan smiled and pushed Shayde back to her friends "She's trustworthy." Jordan bounced



"Fine." A black and red wolf jump from branch to branch, out the tree "Hi, Im Jake." He nodded "So... You said the winged-wolves are out to kill you?" Shayde questioned "Yes... I was framed, they thought I killed their secretary." He sighed "It was a bat-winged wolf named Taboo though." He growled "Taboo?" She could tell he know longer wanted to talk about it so she dropped the subject "I think Im going to like this new place..." Shayde smiled

Chapter 7 Edit

Shayde sat on a patch of moss hardly listening to Jake speak "I understand what two-standers can do." Shayde snapped "Then tell me what I've been talking about for the past hour." Jake growled "Two-standers." Shayde replied



"Yo Jakey! I found someone!" Jordan ran towards Jake, in a heartbeat he was in a tree

Jordan and a blacked winged wolf came out some bushes "Who's that?" Shayde barked, he was black with grey and red wings he also had a yellow mark on his ankle "I have no idea... He said he was running from the Queen and I brought him here." Jordan sat down and wagged her tails

"I tested his trustworthiness." She barked

(Unfinished) Edit