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Chapter 1 Edit

Rebel was sitting in her den. A Cat came running in. The cat meowed, "Rebel! Come quick we found a intruder!" Rebel bounced up and followed the cat to the territory. Rebel saw the cat in the bushes. Cherry was sitting there. Rebel padded up the the bush. Tiger meowed, "This cat is the one who used to be in WitherClan." The cats took the cat to camp throwing in the prisoner's den. Tiger and Thistle was watching the cat while Rebel was showing the recruits around. Tiger smiled he kept teasing arctic. Thistle snarled, "Stop it tiger." Tiger nodded and stopped. Rebel padded to them. Rebel meowed, "Thistle can you organize a patrol? I choose your apprentice Creampaw to go with you." Thistle nodded. Thistle meowed, "tiger you will stay here with the prisoner.Cherry,DuskShade,And Maple will come." All the cats left the camp. rebel Padded to tiger. Rebel meowed, "Tiger were going to have a gathering soon." Tiger protested, "But... What about The prisoner." Rebel meowed, "He just has to come with us."

Chapter 2 Edit

The cats returned from the patrol and went to the gathering. Darkstar talks about his clan for a few mins or so. Tiger and Thistle were talking through half of the gathering and so was mintleaf. After Silence clan's Leader Talked about how good her clan was Rebel padded to her cats and brought them outside. Rebel snarled, "You 3 were disrespecting the Gathering." Tiger meowed,"I was trying to tell thistle something quickly but he wouldn't answer me." Thistle snorted, "Tiger Did Not know how to shut his muzzle when the gathering was finishing." Mintleaf snarled, "Those toms were talking through the whole entire thing!" Rebel Snarled, "I am tired of this. All 3 of you go to camp." Rebel pads back into the gathering cave. All the cats were all ready heading to camp.

Chapter 3 Edit

Rebel meowed, "I have finally decided to let arctic free." Tiger hissed, "What?!" Rebel meowed, "He wanted to join again so we will give him another chance.

The End -Please Read- Edit

This is all true. I changed it up a bit. But it was true. The prisoner,Tiger,Thistle,Gathering.Everything. If you wanna check it out for half of the proof. Check on clans wiki and search up WitherClan. Thanks for Reading! -Rebel Or Rebell